Standard – 50GB



50 GB Bandwidth

  • Reliable and Fast Network
  • Static Residential IP Addresses
  • Sneaker Bot Compatible
  • Google & Facebook Compatible
  • Adidas, Yeezy, Supreme Sneaker Bot Compatible
  • SwagBuks Compatible
  • Ticket Master Compatible
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How to use Proxy:

Each Server has 256 ips

Proxy Username: <Your Username>!a<ip number>


resiuser!a1 …. resiuser!a256

Proxy Password: <Your Password>
Port Number: 33128
Host Name: <country>-s<server-number>

For the number of servers available see the links below:

Server List Proxy Gateways (XML) Country-Region Gateways


Additional information

Sneaker & Clothing Support

Disabled, Enabled